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[sticky post]2015 Movie Reviews

For those who are interested, I will be placing my movie reviews here. Be warned, my reviews WILL contain spoilers. These are my reviews of what I liked, didn't like, and what I thought of the performances. If you want a generic review, then I may try to put together reviews for those posts as well. I'll be sure to mark each review as either Spoilers! or Spoiler-Free. My spoiler reviews will not be included on friend feeds in order to help you all out in not being spoiled. If you want to read a spoiler review, then please check this post and click on the appropriate link.

Boyhood (Spoilers Version)
Divergent (Spoilers Version)
The Imitation Game (Spoilers Version)
Into The Woods (Spoilers Version)
Into The Storm (Spoilers Version)
The Maze Runner (Spoilers Version)
Foxcatcher (Spoilers Version)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Spoilers Version)
The Theory of Everything (Spoilers Version)


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