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Movie Review: Into The Storm

Directed by: Steven Quale
Starring: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh

Plot: Filmed in the Found Footage style, Into The Storm tells the story of people caught in the middle of the mother of all storms. The town of Silverton had no idea what was about to happen. Some people were preparing for the local graduation, some people were trying to be the next internet superstar, and a team of storm chasers were trying to find the next big storm so they could do the impossible, film the eye of a tornado. What happens is the worst series of tornadoes ever recorded, and the people of Silverton are caught up in the middle of it trying to survive when nature is against them.

Breakout Performer/Character: There isn't one breakout performer. Instead, the story that forms the plot of the story, that of a high school vice-principal who is raising his two teenage sons alone will go through any lengths to keep his children safe, is the driving force of the film and rightfully so. You really root for this family and hope that they can beat the odds and come out unharmed.

What I Liked: Into the Storm is a fun, action-packed disaster movie where as long as the viewer is able to suspend their disbelief they should be thoroughly be entertained.

What I Didn't Like: This movie is not a deep movie, so as long as I don't think to hard on it, there's nothing that I dislike about it. For a popcorn, escape-from-reality type of movie, it hits the spot.

Would I Recommend Seeing It: If you enjoy disaster movies like Dante's Peak, Deep Impact, Volcano, and especially Twister, then you will definitely want to see this one.


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